McKinley Drivers Ed Program Prepares Students For Future

A Step Towards Independence

Marietta Teramoto, staff reporter

McKinley High School offers a drivers education program. Those in the program said getting your driver’s license during high school is important.

Senior Vanessa Khamkhay said she thinks having a driver’s license is a sign of independence.

“You don’t have to walk as much. You don’t have to take the bus. You can take your friends out. You can go to far-away places for activities and stuff… You can go to anywhere you want basically,” Khamkhay said.

Senior Lovely Finuliar said she wants to learn to drive as a convenience for those around her.

“I can go to places on my own. I won’t have to bother my parents to drop me off somewhere,” Finuliar said.

Junior Adrian Aguinaldo said he wants a driver’s license because he lives far from school.

“I live on the other side of the island and it’s hard going to school in town. (Driving to school) is way faster than the bus,” he said.

Aguinaldo also gets a sneak peek of what to expect before he becomes an adult.

“I think it’s a must-have… because you’re gonna eventually have (a license),” he said.

MHS has driver education classes and is open to those who qualify. Finuliar and Khamkhay both suggest other students get their driver’s license.

“If they can and if it’s convenient for them, it’s a good thing to have because sometimes it’s dangerous and stuff to walk home late, but if you’re in a car it’s kinda more safe,” Khamkhay said.

Finuliar added one caveat: “As long as they drive safely and don’t drink and drive.”

Getting your driver’s license is hard work, but once you get it, Aguinaldo has a favor to ask: “Don’t take all the parking stalls.”