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Jim Dunkle lived in Malaysia

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By Alexandria Buchanan
Jim Dunkle lived in Malaysia.

Jim Dunkle works in McKinley High School. I met him when I was working on a project. I lived in Malaysia and so did Dunkle.

“I lived in Malaysia because I had a working contract there to turn the Clark Hatch Sports and Fitness facility into a Malaysian franchise,” he said.

He lived on Jalan Sultra Ismail at the International Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumper Malaysia.

“I would return to Malaysia probably just to visit the Petronas Tower and watch Malaysia develop and build the towers on the ground up to become the world largest twin towers. I would like to see the finished product and also see the Clark Hatch Sports Center to be installed in Malaysian Towers,” he said.

Even though he lived in Malaysia, he prefers the United States.

“The United States is my favorite country because I was born, raised and educated here,” he said.

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