McKinley students share thoughts of dating


By Mark Auza, Juli Nguyen, Art Penascosas, Priscilla Ratonel

Many people have thought about their future and who they want to have a romantic relationship with.

Kelly Cheng, reporter

Most people at some point in their life develop romantic feelings for someone, but dating is not always an easy process.

“[What I know about dating are] two people have interests in each other so they come together and date. I think there are different kinds of dating. There is dating to get to know someone and there’s an official relationship type of dating,” senior Kaia LaFave said.

Freshman Lily Cheng said it is important to understand that a healthy relationship involves loyalty, communication, and much more.

“Communication is something that is needed because, without it, there wouldn’t be a relationship, let alone a stable one. Both people need to lean on one another in them, too,” she said.

It is also important to not lose focus on other parts of your life. Let your parents know about you and your partner. Respect and understand that your family cares and wants what best for you.

What is best for you might be to wait, according to freshman Wendy Zhou.

“I think the right time to date some is after college. … You need a good education because you need to find a stable job where you can live in a comfortable home. If you date your partner before then, you might have less time to focus on those things. … You need to take care of yourself. Not (just) for your own sake, but for your partner as well,” she said.

Dating is complicated. It is all about making the right connections and learning to accept other people’s decisions. Before you jump into a relationship, get to know the person you like better as a friend, and eventually you’ll find someone to share your happiness.

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