Chun welcomes challenges

Thai Bui, head reporter

Haley Nicole Chun, McKinley High School’s 2019-2020 freshman class vice president, said she wanted to push herself to be confident with others.

“I want to gain as much experience as possible and see what might interest me,” she said.

In her position, Chun had to always think about future plans, school activities (assemblies or events), and new ideas.

One thing she learned from being a vice president is that you should always take a lot of precautions while planning and to advertise the plan more.

“Being a vice president can be stressful at times since you are in charge of planning activities and … I am not that experienced with planning activities yet,” she said.

Chun’s goal as a vice president was to make the activities more enjoyable and memorable and bring the class of 2023 closer. 

 “It was pretty fun to plan them since I feel like the freshmen will like them,” she said.

I want to gain as much experience as possible and see what might interest me.”

— Haley Nicole Chun, freshman.

Despite being busy as a vice president, Chun still focused on school. Her proudest achievement was getting a 4.0 for the first time. Her favorite food is palabok and milk tea since she enjoys Asian food. One of Chun’s hobbies is art since she finds it relaxing and got into it when she did an art project and was complimented for her work. A defining moment of her life was reaching the peak of a mountain after a long hike.

“It feels amazing seeing everything down below right in front of you,” she said.

Changes in structure and information were made on 5/28/2020.