Store promotes spirit

Peiru Lu, reporter

The Tiger Locker is now open for students to buy school spirit items and other useful accessories. The store is the brainchild of this year’s student body government and April Nakamura, Student Activities Coordinator.

The store is located in the Student Activities room (A001). In the store, t-shirts hang on the wall. Bags, tiger dolls, spirit items and apparel are displayed on cube-type shelves. Inside a case are bookmarks, rulers, pins, license plate holders, lanyards, and letter openers. Items ranges in price from $0.10 for a ruler or ID clip to $21.00 for a Tiger polo t-shirt.

Cindy Le (12), who works in the store, said the most popular items are the agenda rulers, ID covers, and lanyards.

“The purpose of this Tiger Locker is to build school spirit,” said Nakamura.

Students can purchase items during lunch recess on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The store will open daily the week of Homecoming. As an incentive for students to visit the store, for every five dollars you spend, your name will be entered for a monthly drawing. Prizes will be items from the store.

Congratulations to Alex Kim (12) who won a backpack in August’s drawing. Polo T-Shirts $21.00 Caps $15.00 Umbrella $15.00 Black/White Mug $7.00 Stuffed Tiger Doll $7.00 McKinley Backpacks $7.00 License Plate Frames $7.00 Gary Mug With Cover $7.00 McKinley Pennants $6.00 Paw Backpack $6.00 Stadium Seat Cushions $5.00 Lanyard $3.00 Paw Pins $3.00 Paper Stands $2.00 McKinley Pens $1.00 Bookmarks $2.00 Pom-Poms $1.00 Binders $0.50 License Plate Frames $0.75 Homecoming Tattoos $0.25 Halloween Stickers $0.25 ID Covers $0.25 Agenda Ruler $0.10 ID Clips $0.10