Welcome Back Assembly has highlights and message


Welcome Back Assembly

Austin Watkins

Silvana Bautista, Daniel Le, Keisha Lei Togores, and Austin Watkins

For Rey-Michael Romero-Tomas, the Welcome Back Assembly on August 9 was an exciting experience. He thought that it was a good way to start off the school year.  He said, “Everyone in the assembly was fun. Almost everyone around me was screaming their lungs out. Plus myself.”

Assembly Highlights

Rey said that the things that stood out were the presentation of the students, the motivational dance that seniors in sports did, and the game.

 This year’s game was played by all grade levels, as well as the teachers. Each team had three members, and the objective was to finish the race as quickly as possible. It involved hopping in a bag through an obstacle of cones, spinning a hula hoop five times, being spun by a student council member, and hopping back to the start so that their team members could take their turn. While Rey enjoyed watching the game, he wasn’t particularly happy with the results.

“Seniors won again,” he stated. “I want to strive to win against the seniors this year.”

Assembly Fundamentals

  • Bleachers were assigned by grade level.
  • When the colors were marching, students all had to stand up and sing the National Anthem until they have left the building.
  • Next, there was music and seniors from different sports groups came into the middle of the gym and danced and showed us what sports they play. Even the school’s mascot was there.
  • After that, the cheerleaders did a routine.  Next, the principal welcomed the freshmen to another great year at McKinley High.
  • A grade-level activity, the above-mentioned cone race, followed that.
  • The cheerleaders came back on and we stood up and sang the Alma Mater and Black and Gold.

Assemby Message

Teacher April Nakamura took the state and said that there are two types of students in this school: students who participate too much in co-curricular activities and students who don’t participate at all. She said that these two have disadvantages because those who do all the work can receive stress and go to the point when they  procrastinate and neglect their work, while those who don’t do anything at all can have a high possibility to lead an unsuccessful life. It is crucial to be good both at academics and co-curricular activities for students in order to be prepared when you step out of high school.

She got to the core of why students attend school and what it means when students go out of their way to participate and get involved in events and activities within the school.

“I thought it was a great message. She kind of summed up the whole assembly…,”said senior class officer Sakalaia P. Hungalu Jr.

Senior Mathias Pascua said, “She got eagle eyes,man! She got eagles eyes… I mean what she said is true, you know, just work hard, participate you know. Have to make friends!”

Senior Zaria-Ann Moore said, “I thought it was inspiring, because when you think about it,  I was once one of those people who didn’t  really do anything. Until like, sophomore year, I actually realized that I actually do want graduate, I do want go to college, so I do have to work to get there. It was nice to hear that she said it.”