Memories of a photo

The Pinion polled 40 sophomores about the last photo they took on their phone.

By Silvana Bautista

The Pinion polled 40 sophomores about the last photo they took on their phone.

Jane Lavea, Web Co-Editor

The Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2013 is “selfie.”You see something you like; you take a snap of it. Keep it in your albums or post it on the internet. How much is that photo worth and why is it so memorable?

Telegraph reported that a recent poll of British people from ages 18-24 and found selfies are the most popular genre of photography.

“The last picture I took on my phone was myself. I was bored and started taking selfies,” sophomore Elizabeth Trevas wrote.

Sophomore Kimberly Kashiwamura takes pictures to create memories to look back on. She said that she takes at least 5 pictures a day. The last picture she had taken was of her mom cooking steak for dinner. She described the picture as funny because her mom makes funny faces and steak is her favorite food. Kashiwamura said taking photos with her mom is the best thing so she can keep it for a lifetime and look back at it whenever she misses her.

Forty 10th graders were asked by their English teacher Cindy Reves to write down what their last picture on their phone was. Ten out of forty claimed that their last photo on their phone is family or friends.

“My last phone picture is a picture of my grandma and I standing in front of California pizza kitchen after we finished our dinner. It was on a Saturday and we went out because she is visiting from Korea and I haven’t seen her for 2 years now so we decided to have a nice family dinner,” sophomore Sohye Jang wrote.

Six out of forty students claim that their last photo was food. “Spicy ahi bowl with a heart shaped friend. I wanted to post it on instagram to make everyone jealous of how good it looked,” sophomore Meagan Ababa wrote.

Sometimes the view catches a person’s attention. “The last picture on my phone was taken in Waikiki beach. I went there last Saturday with my friend. The view there was awesome and nice, the weather was so sunny and I got tanned after that day,” sophomore Yasmine Chean wrote.

The last photo on a person’s phone tells a story. The Pinion’s poll reveals that people have food, family, friends, social life, a view or themselves as their last photo.

What was your last photo on your phone, and what does it mean to you?