It’S NO Problem

Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

I have been working with SNO for almost a year now but it still has a lot of features I have not explored.

This learning blog will focus on my growth in using SNO. This will show that there’s no problem in learning something new.

A new year means new staff profiles.

To create new staff profiles, click on New under the Staff Profile tab in the dashboard. After doing so, add the name and the position of the staff member.

Before beginning this, the staff member should have already written something down for his or her profile. The thing he or she wrote will need to be put into the Post area.

Then scroll down to the Profile Information Box. Fill in the staff member’s name, position and school year.

After doing this, set an image for the staff member in the Featured Image box.

It will be published after teacher Cindy Reves’s OMG check.

An up-to-date staff member profile will allow readers to know the type of person who wrote the article. It will also allow a reader to see other types of stories the staff member wrote. A name attached to the story will not tell much about the writer but a section that gives an explanation and background will allow more things to be known.