Majority of students show no concern about storms in general


Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

Storm scares have occurred twice this school year. However, are these scares really something to be worried about?

Students do not think so but the storms should be an issue to be taken seriously.

Hurricane Iniki, the strongest to ever hit the state, happened in September 1992. It heavily affected Kauai. It had winds of 145 miles per hour. It created 1.8 billion dollars of damage. It also killed six people.

This year, Iselle and Julio were the first and Ana, the second. Ana had come on Sunday, Oct. 19. The official storm season for Hawaii is June to November so there is still another possibility for others, especially tropical storms.

Principal Ron Okamura said that it is most important for students to be safe at home with family during storms. (Read “McKinley is one of many schools designated as shelter” by Silvana Bautista for more information).

A majority of students, however, do not show the same concerns.

Freshman Tom Le’s parents were not informed about Ana. Le said, “My parents don’t know. They don’t watch TV.”

Similarly, freshman Angel Grandison said, “My parents don’t really care.” He said that there was no concern at all about Ana.

Senior Winnie Lau also said that she did not care. Her parents had work on the day Ana was expected to arrive.

“I had a feeling that nothing bad was going to happen since nothing happened during the last storm. My parents had work and had no concern. It was just like a normal day,” she said.

Some students even questioned the coming of the storm.

Sophomores Johnson Nguyen and Brandon Walker said that it would not happen.

Nguyen said, “My parents don’t really care. We get water [to prepare] but we dump it if it doesn’t happen. I think it’s a waste of time like the last storm.”

Junior Max Soto said, “It’s a waste of time and money.” He said that people tend to overreact in these situations.

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My Lu

Thoughts about the school being a shelter were also shared. Students showed conflicting responses.

Le said, “It’s supportive to the people who don’t have homes or shelter.”

Walker said he does not care as long as “they don’t steal anything.”

Students, overall, have no concern over these storms since they have already gone through an uneventful storm this year.