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Tiger Time committee considering changes

MHS staff evaluate problems with study hall

Christina Choi and Charlie Dennis

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Tiger Time is McKinley High School’s study hall period. Its effectiveness has been widely debated by teachers and students, so a Tiger Time committee has been created to reform it.

Curriculum coordinator Matthew Johnson is a member of the committee. He said the committee’s goal is to change Tiger Time into a more productive time. He said the committee wants the school to put that time to better use.

“A small portion of students put Tiger Time to good, actual use, to do their homework, catch up on late assignments, make up for tests, get help,” said Johnson. “But the larger portion of students do not utilize this time wisely and productively at all. So we want to find the best method to change Tiger Time in a way that it’ll help every one of the students, to fit each of their needs.”

Johnson said the committee has brainstormed several options. He said one option is changing Tiger Time to the morning, perhaps between the first and second period of the day, and to assign students to Tiger Time based on their areas of need.

Junior Drayken Ly agrees that Tiger Time could be better.

“Not a lot of people are actually working,” Ly said. “If they could really manage to reform Tiger Time, it will definitely help a lot of people that are not working but actually need help. A little more push would be effective.”

Teachers also support rethinking Tiger Time. Math teacher Seamus Puette said he believes that Tiger Time has the potential to be very effective. Puette is also a member of the committee.

“I think Tiger Time is a great concept that has been ineffectively implemented,” Puette said. “The lack of accountability and follow through has deprived Tiger Time of its otherwise laudable benefits.”

Students also want to see changes made to Tiger Time.

“Tiger Time should be optional for students,” junior Kevin Zaragoza said. “If they want to leave, they should be able to.”

Junior Jane Zheng said she wants Tiger Time to stay as it is. She said she feels that Tiger Time helps students be more productive in school and manage their time better.

“I like Tiger Time because it makes me do my work I’d never do at home,” Zheng said. “It’s either you sit there with boredom or you open up your book.”

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Tiger Time committee considering changes