McKinley Dance Club holds ‘Last Chance To Dance’

The Final Dance

Marietta Teramoto, staff reporter

McKinley’s Dance Club presented Finesse: Last Chance To Dance on the evening of Apr. 27 in the cafeteria with DJ entertainment, a photo booth, paper-pit, glow-sticks, food and fun. This year’s theme is based off of Bruno Mars’ hit song “Finesse” featuring Cardi B. It is a funk, new jack swing and pop song that became very popular.

Edward Sariol, the business manager for MHS, is the Dance Club’s adviser and dance teacher.

“It’s our annual fundraiser. We are the Dance Club and we like to dance. So we thought that it’s good way to get everybody together while raising funds,” Sariol said.

This dance was open to all high schoolers who could either pay the pre-sale ticket price of $7 or $10 at the door.

“We called it ‘The Last Chance to Dance’ because… if you’re a senior and you can’t go to senior prom, if you’re a junior and you can’t go to junior prom, or you’re an underclassman and you’re still wanting to go to that dance or dance with that somebody special then it could be your last chance to dance,” Sariol said.

The school dance was planned with other clubs in mind.

“We’re not selfish with the event. We invited the Photography Club to do their own photobooth, we invited the Art Club to do their own face painting and body painting booth, we asked the Bake for Friends Club to see if they wanted to sell their concession stuff ,” Sariol said.

Junior Kylah Sagucio, vice president of the Dance Club said the funds the club raises will be used for mirrors.

“We dance without mirrors and buying mirrors would help us see how we dance and improve us when we compete and perform,” Sagucio said.

Sariol said she hopes the whole school will be able to use the mirrors.

“We’re not selfish and if anyone else on campus needs the mirrors, like if the cheerleaders need the mirrors or if there’s a class competition, and (we) the school could have access to that.”

Senior Deijahlynn Bernard, president of the Dance Club said there were some struggles when planning this event.

“The hardest part about planning it was finding a DJ. We wanted a student DJ so it won’t be like some older dude taking over,” Bernard said.

Sagucio also pointed out how hard planning was.

“Not gonna lie. It was pretty hard especially because we were so busy with other things, you know, performances, Tigers Got Talent. I think for the most part it was advertising especially with the deadlines we had to meet, other external sources getting in the way,” Sagucio said.

Sariol agreed the event was hard to plan with all the conflicting events.

“I mean it’s always hard to plan an event, this year is a bit more difficult because we’ve got back-to-back events. We also have the talent show which is happening the following Friday but that one is actually replacing what Ms. Stender-Jenkins, she used to do the variety show Weed and Seed,” Sariol said.

This year, Stender-Jenkins won’t be hosting the show and the dance club will representing it now. Sariol said they wanted to honor her and thank her for giving them the opportunity to host the talent show.

“She is kind of passing the torch over with her blessing…,” Sariol said.

Although they won’t be competing in this year’s show they want other students to show off their talents.

“It’s all for the kids, of course,” Sariol said.

Vice-president Sagucio aspired for ticket buyers to enjoy the dance.

“I think they will since the theme is different, unique and it’s more on the colorful side. Also I mean who doesn’t wanna have fun just for a minute, just forget all the school stuff and have fun with your friends,” Sagucio said.