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Declining Interest in Voting

Kelvin Ku, assistant editor

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A lot of media outlets have focused on the declining voter numbers of millennials but not everyone seems worried that Generation Z may face the same problem.

“There are so many old politicians in the government and they don’t think the way we do. A part of it is that they don’t understand technology which is clearly evident in Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing for Facebook data leak,” junior Daniel Lee said.

After asking 13 students on campus about voting, a majority responded that the that they felt that their vote didn’t matter. Some specifically designated the reason being that the popular vote was irrelevant towards the overall election and others weren’t sure of why but felt that way.

While it is unreasonable to not vote because the candidates you supported don’t win it can be discouraging for many.

“It doesn’t feel like your vote matters when candidates you want to win don’t win,” senior Duy Nguyen said.

According to a study by Business Insider, only 58.1 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. cast ballots in 2016 presidential election, which is around 138 million people out of a potential 252 million eligible voters taking part in the election.

“Hmm, voting? Why would I vote, I’m not planning on getting a job in the government or going to the military. If it doesn’t affect how much I’m paid so why does it matter,” senior Qianman Wan said. Grants may be issued but that won’t affect my everyday life, laws can be passed but I don’t have any problems with our current ones nor do I feel the need for new ones so does it matter who gets elected? In the end, my life won’t be affected.”

Perhaps the visible lack of politically caused change in our daily lives has made people numb to the importance of voting. Maybe the school has received a higher grant due to certain politicians but most students aren’t aware and if they were aware it’s dubious how much they will appreciate it.

“My parents don’t vote and they’ve never encouraged or discouraged me to vote in the future either,” senior Eric Song said. It’s not that I don’t think voting matters, but I just think it’s not important enough for me to vote. None of my peers view it as important nor my family and even some of my teachers.”

Humans are often influenced by those around them, especially their parents, so you can’t really blame them for not viewing voting as important when those close to them don’t view it with important either.

“I’m not against voting but one thing I hate is people that say that not voting is irresponsible. There are literally people that vote with no concrete knowledge of policies or superficial knowledge about candidates. Which is a lot more irresponsible than not voting when you can’t even be bothered to do research on the candidates and don’t pay attention to politics,” Nguyen said

Some won’t vote for clearer reasons such as being completely against Capitalism ideology. It isn’t too surprising to see some radicals not voting.

“As usual I’m boycotting the presidential election in 2020. The U.S elected a right-wing dictator but more importantly I won’t participate in something I can’t trust,” MHS junior Ming Lam said.

In the past voting was a luxury that many dreamed of obtaining. Now through countless years of effort for reform, any citizen above the age of 18 is given such an opportunity. Despite such a history, many citizens in the U.S. disregard it.

“I think a lot of people take it for granted when someone says you can’t do something you want to do it more but now that everyone wants you to do it you don’t feel like it anymore. It’s a twisted mentality but it may prove true for some people,” said sophomore Bryant Bui.

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Kelvin Ku, assistant editor

My name is Kelvin Ku and I am a Junior attending McKinley High School. My hobbies are reading and my favorite book is warlock of the magus world about...

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Declining Interest in Voting