Senior Shout Outs

Pauline Yang, reporter

Time goes by so fast! Graduation is coming this Sunday, May 20th!

Mixed feelings are filling the air for upcoming graduates. Some are sad about leaving high school and some are excited to know they have made it this far.

Seniors! We shared many fun memories with you all and enjoyed our year with you! Thank you for being there to help us out through our highs and lows. We really appreciate it! McKinley won’t be the same without all you seniors next year, but we hope you cherish life and succeed in the future! Everyone has a bright, new, journey waiting for them! Don’t forget to visit and we will truly miss each and every one of you! We have some shoutouts for you:

Hey everyone! Hope you continue to live happy! Life is like a movie, you always want to see what’s next. – Macie Manuwa-Kupihea (11)

€œTo all the seniors, the past four years have been fun getting to know some of you. I made some great friends. It’€™s sad to see you all go. Now a new chapter in your life starts. I hope you never forget your friends and always try your best!€ – Honson Nguyen (11)

€œSeniors we’ve been through a lot together this past school year. You all have mentored us and helped us out through the tough times. And although McKinley won’t be the same anymore without you guys, we’ll always have the memories we shared this past year. Thanks for being our friends and we’ll miss you! Don’t forget to visit!€ – Agnes Chong (10)

€œThis year has been a wonderful year thanks to the seniors who helped me throughout the year. Without them school would not have been enjoyable. Thank you SangHwa Bak, Thai Luong, Angela Gao, Billy Kuan, Nicholaus Tiet, Gabe Okura, Kevin Choi and the others I may have accidentally forgotten! I will miss you!!! You guys better come back to visit and go to my graduation!!! Just kidding! You don’€™t have to! Haha.€ – Sarah Liu (11)

Seniors, thank you for making this year in band a little more interesting. I love you, I’ll miss you, take care and see you later. I hope your futures are bright! – Isabel Choe (11)

To the Robotic Team members, I want to thank you all for your time in helping us in building things. It was a very great experience. We became very close like a family because we basically spent more time at Robotics than home. It was a pleasure to work with you all! Good luck in college! You all better miss us…or else we will hunt you down! Just kidding!€ – Darren Wong (11)

€œYOU DID IT SENIORS!!! You made it through the four years of high school. Thank you so much for all the laughter we shared and the many times you helped me through my struggles. I will truly miss you guys and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! :D€ – Jin Ling Yan (9)

A big thank you to all the seniors of the McKinley Robotics Team! It was truly an honor to work with such capable individuals. I can’t believe that we’ve grown so close over the course of just one year. We became a big family. Now that you guys are graduating, I’m going to miss all those inside jokes that you guys have made. It really is a bummer because it seems as if the one year just passed by at the blink of an eye. However, as much as it is a bummer, I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to create such strong bonds with all of you guys. Thank you for creating so many precious memories with me! I sincerely wish you guys the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.€ – Kyle Chan (9)

Wow, this year has been quite awesome thanks to my beloved seniors. I wouldn’t have gotten through this year without you guys! I’ll never forget those unforgettable moments when we all got to together and just goofed off 🙂 Thank you my dear Band and Tennis Seniors!€ – Jeffrey Lee (11)

Hey Seniors, what a year this has been, right? Although I’m still an underclassmen, I can’€™t wait to graduate high school. Best wishes! Good luck to your lives after high school! – Winny Chen (10)