Not all fairy tales have the same happy ending

Jocel Siapno, reporter

Book review Title: Bewitching Author: Alex Flinn

When we were a kid, we watched Disney movies. Most of them were fairy tales. Do you remember Cinderella? The girl with the glass slipper? The girl who was the slave of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters? What if Cinderella is not the protagonist after all? “Bewitching” is a compilation of the stories about good deeds leading to an unhappy ending for Kendra, a witch. You might also recall Kendra from the novel, Beastly, also by Alex Flinn.

However, Kendra wants to help another soul in need of her services. The book focuses on a girl named Emma, who has lived with her mother and her stepfather since she was three. One day, the real daughter, Lisette, of her stepfather comes to live with them. Lisette is the Cinderella in the story. Lisette is pretty, tall, and an almost perfect girl. Lisette and Emma become friends. Emma is at the top of her class. But when Lisette came along, the spotlight move to her.

Emma doesn’€™t want to become the evil stepsister so she just give the spotlight to Lisette. Emma thought she and Lisette are best of friends and real sisters but Lisette turns out to be an egoistic girl from hell. She said she wants to take everything that was originally hers. Emma, who is afraid of the things that Lisette can do, agrees to Lisette’€™s conditions: she can have Emma’s room, and most importantly the attention of Emma’€™s stepfather. As the years goes by, Lisette becomes the queen bee and Emma becomes the social outcast.

Then, Lisette’€™s father or Emma’s stepfather died. All of his riches are divided among Emma’s mother, Emma and Lisette. Emma’s mother, knowing Lisette’s intentions since she came, becomes the wicked stepmother to Lisette. All of the things Emma owns in the past belongs to her again. Emma thinks her feud with Lisette is over but to get revenge with the unjust treatment of Emma’s mother, Lisette seduces Emma’s boyfriend. Emma being heartbroken, seeks help from Kendra, who later revealed she is witch to Emma. A famous actor a.k.a. Prince Charming€ invites guests across the city to his party. Lisette wanted to go.

However, Emma’s mother doesn’€™t allow her to. What is the favor that Emma asked Kendra? How will Lisette go to the party? Who will the Prince€ will choose? What will happen between Emma and Lisette? What is next for Kendra? To find out, read the book! The book also incorporates other fairy tale stories. These stories are Hansel and Gretel, the Little Mermaid, and the Princess and the pea. These stories doesn’t involve Emma but these stories are the good deeds leads to an unhappy ending Kendra does in her early years as a witch.

This book is definitely a must read! Not only Alex Flinn gives twists to our classic fairytale, but she also gives us a good impression about witches in the character of Kendra.