Scary movies are not for everyone

Kanani Orta, staff reporter

I downright hate scary movies. I can’t handle them. I scare easily. Even the smallest thing, like a tap on the shoulder, can scare me. “Happy Death Day” kept me up for three nights in a row. The movie is about a girl in college who was murdered on her birthday and continues to live the same day over and over again, trying to find her killer. It was surprising to find out that it made over 55 million dollars domestically and over 100 million worldwide.

I was creeped out because the killer wore a mask that looked like a creepy baby face. Also, there was one scene where the main character was barricaded in her bedroom trying to hide from the killer when her television starts to glitch out. My television does the same thing at times and I was really creeped out by that.

Like all scary movies, there are always jumpscares, suspenseful music, dark scenes, scary images, etc. Everyone jumps/screams when the jumpscare happens. People want to look away when the music starts playing but they end up watching the scene. “Happy Death Day” isn’t any different.

However, I didn’t really enjoy watching the movie because I’ve seen too many movies like this. I really didn’t enjoy it because the plot of this movie is just straight up unoriginal.

“Happy Death Day” was released in theaters in October. It will come out in DVD and streaming in early 2018.