Echoes Review

A Roller Coaster of Mystery


By Kelvin Ku

The romantic night sky on a stranded island.

Kelvin Ku, assistant editor

Echoes is one of the best mysteries I have read. The roller coaster of surprises throughout the story and the repeated plot twists had me constantly on the edge of my seat. I had so many questions throughout the book, leaving me anxious to find out more. It was one of those books I just couldn’t stop reading. It may seem immature for a few, but if you like mystery and romance, this book is for you. 

With so many plot twists and mysteries, my brain was constantly trying to figure them out but never able to. The book’s two main characters are the protagonist Fiona and her hated rival Miles. Humiliated and called pathetic in the past, she hated his every bone and it didn’t help he was extremely arrogant, causing them to often get into arguments.

One day she was selected for a scholarship to a trip to Britain for a company called Briola Bio Tech but against all odds, she was partnered with Miles. Miles had a reputation of being intelligent, getting all A’s in school, what we’d call a 4.0 student. Despite being paired with her hated rival, she was excited to go to Britain as she’d always dreamt of going. As they arrived in Britain, Fiona had received an ominous text from one of best friends. After reading the text, Fiona starts suspecting Miles’s identity and motives.

When arriving they find out that the company that invited them here, no longer existed and when calling their families the calls would always lead to voicemail. Confused they try to leave but soon understand it’s futile and are trapped in a foreign land. As they struggle more Fiona finds herself learning sides of miles she couldn’t have even imagined before. As she understands more she realizes he is indeed trustworthy as misunderstanding from the past become clear, she decides to believe in him. As they begin to confide in each other they discover that mysteriously every night they go to sleep both of them have the same lucid dream. While, experiencing their dream worlds and reality their perceptions become blurred as it becomes hard for them to differentiate between reality  and dream.

Within the dream world, their plane crashes trapping them on a deserted island.  Facing hardships together they learn to put aside their differences to survive. Stranded, with hopes of rescue looking bleak, they explore the island to figure answers and a way out of their predicament. As they continue to find more the number of questions only grow greater.

As they approach closer and closer to the truth, their relationship develops more and they start becoming more than just friends. While, they learn more, they despair at their situation but persevere, relying on each other for hope as they trudge towards a sliver  of light. Little do they know, the mystery runs far deeper than they could ever fathom.