‘I Cannot Hug You’ modern-day vampires seek energy


By Kelly Cheng

“I Cannot Hug You” is a 2017-2018 Chinese web drama series. It is based on a Korean webtoon called “unTouchable” by Massstar.

Kelly Cheng, reporter

“I Cannot Hug You” (Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni) is a Chinese web drama released in 2017 and is based on a webtoon comic called “UnTouchable.”

The storyline has a unique concept that involves two people and the romance between them. Li Shiya is the female protagonist. She is a modern-day vampire who cares very little about things in life. Although the audience believes that vampires drink a victim’s blood, the twist in the drama/comic is that vampires feed off of energy through physical contact.

Jiang Zhihao is the male protagonist. He is not a vampire. He is a writer and has serious mysophobia, a phobia of contamination and germs. Shiya and Zhihao unexpectedly meet, but Zhihao is not in the mood to have contact with strangers. Eventually, they find out they are nextdoor neighbors, and Shiya begins to experience feelings towards Zhihao as she’s desperate to touch him for energy.

The OST (Original Soundtrack) in the opening is one of my favorites since I find it heart-warming to listen to. I prefer watching the drama more over reading the comic. Many episodes are emotional, so I enjoyed the drama more. Zhang Yuxi, the actor of Shiya. brought me to other dramas she played a role in. She is definitely one of my favorite actors.

I would recommend this drama, especially if you enjoy genres such as romance, fantasy, or comedy. The acting of the two leads, Yu Xi and Xing Zhao Lin, is amazing. They portray the emotions of the characters well and complement each other and their roles. The whole cast is attractive. There are two seasons and each season has 16 episodes. It’s short and simple to watch. I also recommend reading the webtoon. Most of the content in the drama and comic is similar. You can watch the drama on Youtube, or read the comic on the app Webtoon.