‘The Turning’ turns opaque


By Cynthia Reves

Kamakoa Faumui, guest writer

The horror film “The Turning” is an adaption of the Henry Jame’s novel. It is set in the countryside of Maine, where a nanny is hired out from the city to watch over two highly privileged orphans. Throughout her stay in the estate she begins to hear and see strange things that can’t be explained. She is being targeted by a malicious spirit of a man that was killed in the estate, and it seems that the children know more about what was happening to her than they let on. 

The movie is not as exciting as I thought it would  be. What upset me the most was the conclusion of the movie; I didn’t find it satisfactory because of how unclear it was and how many unexplained questions were carelessly left unanswered. However, there is the option of a second movie coming out to resolve any unclear endings or answers. I would recommend it to others to see if they agree with my opinion or if they have a completely different opinion. Overall, I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 stars.