You should watch anime (editorial)

Jerome Linear, reporter

 Nowadays, people of many ages watch anime. There are many reasons watching anime is a good thing to do.

There are lots of different types of anime you can watch such as Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. You can watch them in the comfort of your home, car, etc. These anime are interesting and interactive because you can discuss them with friends and family, Also, if you read manga, you and your friends can read the anime together in the same place. 

Some people think that anime is only for children. This is not true. There is actually anime for adults and children. The anime for children are anime such as Pokemon, Digimon Adventures, etc. The anime for adults are anime such as Berserk, Black Lagoon, etc. Although there are anime specifically designed for a certain age group, there are also anime everybody can watch , such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc.

Watching anime is a good way to express your emotions better. Usually, the longer you watch an anime, the more attached you get to the characters. Sometimes, if a character dies, you may cry. The reason for that is because you started to attach to the main character along the adventure or journey in the story. You’re expressing your emotion to the character as if it were somebody real. Anime can make you sad, mad, happy, etc, depending on what is going on and the type of anime it is. 

To sum it, anime is an emotional and social way of becoming more interactive. They could be a good option when you are feeling down. Anime can pull you in, making the people that just started watching anime as interactive as the people that have been watching anime for a long time.