Cons of online school (editorial)

Christian Stutler, reporter

Online schools are the only way students can learn safely due to the coronavirus. Online school has been both an okay for some people in schools around America. Online school requires a student’s motivation to take on work. However, I believe that online education is demotivating for many students.

Online school can negatively impact how a student feels. One big factor in the demotivation of students in online school is the ability to socialize. There are rarely any circumstances where people can even talk to each other casually during online classes. You’re just sitting there in front of a screen, listening to the teacher’s directions, and then doing the assignment that was posted in Google Classroom.

Also,  students can get overwhelmed with work during online school. This of course depends on how the class’s teacher operates, but it can be really common to just get a ton of work slammed onto you at once, especially for those in advanced classes.

Another demotivating factor for students is how ‘comfy’ they can get. They’re at home. There’s nothing really stopping them from just missing out on school entirely. With online classes, they can always just delay the assignment.

For me, it’s been an okay experience, but for some of my friends, they don’t really think so at all.