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Tigers take on the Surfriders

Ariana Makasiale

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For the past two years, the Tigers have managed to win both homecoming games. So, this year the expectations are high.

“We’ve won both games since I was a freshman,”says Mathias Tuitele-lafeta (captain of the football game), “€œIf we win this game it will make three years of homecoming games.”

The Kailua Surfriders are going to have to watch out!

Coach Cho said that no matter what, “€œWe always prepare to win!”€

From the long list of Junior and Senior returnees, it is not hard to figure out why the team feels prepared. Coach Cho listed some players who he felt would be key and they all had one thing in common. They all had multiple years of experience.

Tuitele-lafeta, Denzel Kalahiki-Gasper, and Tyrell Tuiasosopo, all juniors and all three year veterans, explained there excitement for the game.

While jokingly listing what his lunch routine was; Tuiasosopo was all business when describing what he knew he could contribute to the team. As the wide receiver, he explained that his job is to know the right techniques and to be able to visualize what he has to do out on the field.

Kalahiki-Gasper, on the other hand, got straight to talking about the game as he listed out what he felt the team had to work on to win this game.

“We need to work on our routes and executing plays. We also need to make as many scores as possible.”

He then added the importance of “€œdistributing the ball evenly”, and “€œtrusting the O line.”

His main concern is “€œbeing 100% out on the field.” As the captain, Tuitele-lafeta focused on talking about what he could do to motivate his team.

His number one priority is to “€œJust get everybody hyped up and ready!”€ Tuitele-lafeta described the importance of practicing what they’€™ve been taught and remembering to work harder.

“We need to feed the juice,”€ he explained, “Once one person does good, everyone else feeds off of the energy and does well.”€

And what about our opposing team?

Coach Cho and the team agreed that this year would be the toughest homecoming in three years. However, the players were excited nonetheless. With McKinley’€™s famous traditions such as Black and Gold week, lighting of the M, and our Pep Rally, the three players said that this is the game that everyone gets excited about. The schools energy is also something the players can feed off of.

Coach Cho replied, “We should have homecoming every week!”

Unfortunately, homecoming only comes around once a year and this year, September 28 is the day. So, let’€™s support the tigers, give them the energy they will need to win, and show the Surfriders what the Tigers are made of!

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Tigers take on the Surfriders