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Hunting – a way of life on Lanai

Hunting is popular on Lanai.

By Creative Commons NDomer73

Hunting is popular on Lanai.

Isaiah Blanko-Rettig, reporter

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My dad and my uncle hunt on Lanai as a sport also as a way of life. I love going with them. This is the hunting life on Lanai.

Lanai is the sixth largest island in the Hawaiian chain. It is the only island that sits on a plateau. One of the major sports on the island is hunting.

There’s a variety of game animals on Lanai including game birds. My dad and my uncle were born and raise on the island. Around the age of 12,  they started hunting for goat, which was by lottery only.

This means nine consecutive weekends in August through October for the mouflon, and nine consecutive weekends for the Axis deer from February through May. Any other month is illegal to hunt both of these game animals due to pregnancy followed by birth.

A variety of game birds including turkeys, franklins, pheasants, doves and chukers are also hunted. The season runs through November, December and January. Any other month to hunt these game birds is illegal as their raising their hatchlings.

To receive a tag to hunt both of these game, you enter your name in the state lottery, which is held on the island Maui. If you are picked, you’ receive one tag to hunt sheep, either one male ram about 110 pounds or one female ewe about 70 pounds. For the axis deer, you will receive one tag for one male buck about 180 pounds or one female doe about 100 pounds.

One day before your weekend hunt, you need to sign up at the check-up station on Friday at 6:00pm. You need your ID, permit card and your hunting license. You need to complete the hunting safety course as a state law requirement to purchase your state hunting license at any sporting good stores.


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Isaiah Blanko-Rettig, reporter

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