Sports builds character

Trust, selflessness and positivity come through sports

Sammie Yee, reporter

Sports have always been regarded as something that builds character.

“Trust is important. If you do not have 100% trust in your team, you will fall,” senior Kairis Yam said. Yam was involved in competitive cheerleading for two years.

To have a solid foundation in a team, one must have full trust and confidence in the other to do their job. Team members count on each other and support each other during times where everyone feels hopeless.

In volleyball, senior OIlau Lutali said, “You have to be a selfless player. Understand that what goes on, no matter what the line-up may be or what the coaches decide, that it’s what’s best for the team. You have to constantly reevaluate yourself on how you can do better and how you can contribute to your team.”

In an intense game such as volleyball, it is easy for players to be distracted and miss the ball. “Keeping a positive mindset is also key. You have to push each other, no matter what. Have faith that one setback doesn’t determine the outcome of a game,” Lutali said.

Being involved in sports helps develop a person’s trust, selflessness and positivity.