Study hall initiated before football practice

Kapono Costorio-Meyer, reporter

Athletic coaches always ask if their athletes are doing well in classes. McKinley has a new football coach and he is making a change. Football players go to study hall before practice.

“Having a study hall before football practice for the upcoming season is a good idea,” said freshman Damian Tinay.

Tinay plays (DL, OL) Defensive line and offensive line for the JV football team. Tinay struggled in school and practice time this year.

The JV team went 1-7 last year. Many players were either on academic probation or just injured.

“Student before athlete,” said freshman Mattson Siarot.

Siarot plays wide receiver and is one of the JV captains. Siarot said the most important thing for him to do as a JV captain is to motivate his team to do well in all their classes. He said he can’t do that unless he does it himself.