Volleyball teams prepare for upcoming season

Karrina Johnson, reporter

As the school year comes to an end, the volleyball teams are already conditioning for the next season.

Volleyball is a popular sport. Whether you’re competing, or playing for fun with friends, it’s a great way to stay active.

“It’s a competitive sport, and I mean I’m not competitive, but it helps me get to where I want to be,” junior Andronette Aila said.

“It’s like a stress relief for me,” freshman Stevanie Pasion said. “I can let my emotions out.”

It’s also a great way to make new friends. Pasion said the team is like a family, and that they have a good bond.

Tryouts for next season will be held in August. No experience is required to make it on the team.

“It’s basically how hard they work, and what we see, and if they come to practice,” coach Carrie-Ann Akana said.

“I’ve been playing since my freshman year,” junior Kayla Rasavanh said. “I like it ‘cause it’s a team sport and it’s fun.”

To prepare for games, the volleyball teams can have practice up to five times a week. Additionally, certain players have their own ways to get ready.

“I just listen to my own music and just ignore the world.” Aila said.

The coaches are planning on starting a summer league so the volleyball players can get more experience and training.

“This will be the first year,” Akana said. “It’s in the works. It hasn’t been finalized yet.”