Breaking down the walls

Account inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ Instagram feed


By Nathan Pham

Thompson Wong, Eva Chen, Joan Martinez, adviser Rendall Choy, Jessica Uyesaka, Nicole Goya and Scott Nguyen (left to right) are the faces behind Humans of McKinley.

Anela Chavez, Editor-in-chief

Humans of McKinley is a new organization that completely consists of juniors. Joan Martinez serves as the president of the group, Jessica Uyesaka as vice-president, Thompson Wong and Scott Nguyen as publicists, Eva Chen as treasurer, Nicole Goya as secretary and Rendall Choy as the adviser.

Martinez formed the group by gathering people who she knew would work hard, and would add something valuable to the organization. They’re proud of how close they are as a group and the amount of success they have had so far.

“They share the same purpose…. I want them in my group,” Martinez said.

Humans of McKinley is based on a social media account known as “Humans of New York,” that features portraits and interviews of people on the streets of New York. The Humans of McKinley account features students who are from different grades, cliques, sports, clubs, etc.

“We make sure everyone is involved,” Goya said.

Nguyen enjoys the interview process, and wants to make a connection with his subjects. He said this can lead to hour-long interviews with the student.

“I want them to talk about anything they really want to talk about,” Nguyen said.

Their group goal is to break down walls between people and have everyone connect to each other. Each member believes in the work they are doing in the group and enjoys talking to the people they interview.

“It had a really good purpose and brought a lot of people together…. It’s a very great club,” Goya said.

This organization has not only brought attention to students at MHS, but also benefited the club members. Chen and Nguyen both feel they have changed as people since joining.

“I never really knew (referring to the people he has interviewed) and it made me really happy,” Nguyen said.

“For me, it’s almost like stepping out of the box or like stepping out of my comfort zone to interview people,” Chen said.