Ono feels sense of accomplishment


Shane Kaneshiro

The coronavirus pandemic is always changing, making the future unpredictable. At the beginning of school, the administration was thinking that the students would be able to be back in person for school.

However, the cases spiked when people let their guard down, causing schools to open one week late and use distance learning for the first quarter. 

Osamu Ono is an AP, honors, and general biology teacher who teaches sophomores,  juniors, and seniors. 

“With the school starting late, that did affect the schedule for all the students,” Ono said. 

The pandemic has forced people to be flexible. Many people had to make adjustments every week because of changes that popped up.

“So, we just had to play it by ear. … It was pretty challenging being patient and trying to think ahead at the same time,” Ono said.

Ono said there have been a few positives. He said it has forced everyone to learn new things about teaching. Ono said he thinks the current situation is kind of encouraging everybody to communicate better with each other.

“Whenever I work with parents or students, … there’s like a good sense of accomplishment on both sides,” Ono said

It is still not clear if McKinley students will be able to go back to school for quarter two in person. Ono said it really depends on how we as a society respond to the current situation.

“My personal hope, I would say that it would be great that we can come back and learn together and work together,” Ono said.