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Shane Kaneshiro

Shane Kaneshiro

Hi, my name is Shane Kaneshiro, Class of 2024. I grew up on the campus because my mom teaches here. One cool fact is that I volunteered to help the freshman class during McKinley’s 150th-anniversary luau when I was in the 4th grade. I trained for the Hapalua half marathon and completed it in an hour and 35 minutes. Other sports I enjoy are tennis, cross country and track.

I enrolled in Newswriting to help me get better with my writing during my freshman year. During the virtual year of 2020-2021, I found the past Pinion issues very intriguing. During my sophomore year, I interviewed a nisei veteran for the Nisei Legacy project that was partnered with the Star-Advertiser.  Another achievement I was able to participate in with The Pinion was to pass the Student Journalism bill in the legislature. During last summer, I participated in two journalism events in Washington D.C. where I met new students from all 50 states plus DC and more. I learned from their experiences and I hope to implement it into this year's Pinions.

Let me know if you have ideas you want me to write about at [email protected].

Positions over the years:

Year One: Reporter

Year Two: Reporter

Year Three: Editor-In-Chief

Year Four: Editor in Chief

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December 10, 2021
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