Not-So-New Instructor Joins MHS JROTC


Sergeant Michael Cummings is a new staff member at McKinley High School. He has been teaching JROTC for 12 years, in California, Texas, Maryland and now here in Oahu. Cummings has 20 years of military service. His wife is also in the military. His wife got promoted to colonel and was offered a position in Hawaii. Cummings applied and was offered a job at McKinley. Cummings enjoys spending time with his family. He has a 28-year-old son, a 24 year old daughter, and a 13-year-old daughter. On vacations, Cummings loves to spend time with his family. Outside of school, you might find Cummings at a national park with his family, with the national parks cancellation stamps if possible. Cummings said his wife and daughter like to collect cancellation stamps from national parks. “So whenever we go, we look for national parks that allow these,” he said He also enjoys a little “me time” watching movies. 
 “After spending a whole day with my family, if there’s some time that I get to myself. I enjoy movies” he said. Any kind of movie except…. HORROR! When Lieutenant Colonel Pulido interviewed Cummings, Cummings knew that McKinley was the school he wanted to teach at. “I enjoy what I do. I enjoy teaching ROTC because it gives me the opportunity to connect with students,” Cummings said, “ It is not based on English, science or math, but what you can learn from life experiences.”