Go Band!

Karrina Johnson and Anela Chavez

On August 14, McKinley High School had its Welcome Back assembly for the new school year. One of the talented groups that performed was the band; they played extremely well throughout the assembly. They have been practicing very hard and even had to come in three weeks before school started to rehearse. Band members say that they have instrument sectionals at least once a week.

Clarinet player Luna Umezawa said, “I like to perform because it lets me express myself in a new way, and of course because it’s fun.”

Other students also said it took awhile to prepare and that they like performing upbeat music. They also said they have been in band previously so they are always ready to perform. Some students even said that band is a valuable learning experience.

Band conductor Donna Hesch said that they have their set music that they play at most assemblies and events every year, but they do switch things up when the songs get old and boring.

“Sometimes when we hear another band we’ll say ‘oh that’s really neat!’ then we’ll go and buy new music for the band,” Hesch said. She also said that she thinks it is important for Band to perform at assemblies, not only because it entertains the crowd, but also because it changes the school atmosphere in a good way. “I believe very strongly that in band, we can do a lot of things through band and one of them is school service and community service.”