TBH (to be honest)


Just the average person on the computer using a social networking site.

Anela Chavez, Editor-in-chief

Tons and tons of people use social media or networking sites every day. As of September 2014,  71 percent of online adults use Facebook, 23 percent use Twitter, 26 percent use Instagram, 28 percent use Pinterest and 28 percent use LinkedIn. Each of these sites has their own appeal and have their differences, which makes social media all the more interesting and popular. However, there is always conflict on the subject of whether social media is poisoning minds or if it’s enhancing them.

You’ll always hear that parent or adult say that the kids this generation are too dependent on their technology and that they don’t know how to have a real conversation with a person. Where’s the personal connection?

There actually is one but not a strong one some may say. Pew Research Center for Internet, Science & Tech has come to the conclusion that:

a) Facebook users are more trusting than others.

b) Facebook users have more close relationships.

c) Facebook revives “dormant” relationships.

 To me that sounds like social media and networking sites aren’t such bad things. When I first started this article I was so convinced that I was going to find so many negative things towards social media but in fact I found many positives. Social media is fun, interesting and a great way to interact with the world.

But like all things there is a bad aspect to it. The use of social media has increased so much in the last few years that there are a few people who have become socially awkward.

Whether you think social media is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you, but just remember the more time you spend on your phone, computer, etc. is less time you can spend  doing other “important” things.