Key Club perseveres through pandemic


By c/o Key Club

Key Club meets during the pandemic.

Shane Kaneshiro

Clubs at McKinley High School have been challenged during this pandemic. April Nakamura, student activities coordinator, said about half the clubs were lost this year. Last year, there were 26 clubs. However, thirteen clubs have persevered and adapted through this trying time.

One such club is the Key Club. The Key Club is a club that builds character and develops leadership. They are also a service-based club and focus on projects that will serve the community. The president of the Key Club, Jennifer Pae, said the club is doing well despite the pandemic. 

“Key Club has been able to collaborate through WebEx,” Pae said. “The covid environment made things very difficult for everybody to call and do things but we’ve still been able to go ahead and do the service, find creative ideas to keep each other engaged.”

Freshman Stacy Cabusas said the club members are able to keep doing service projects to help the community with food and using money on helping Research Services.

Justin Collado, in his first year as an adviser for the Key Club, said that he is trying to help all he can.

”I’m trying to make sure that we were still contributing to our communities and whatnot, in the ways that we can,” Collado said

 Steven Le, the secretary of the Key Club, said that they had been able to get 20 members to participate. The Key Club is still accepting members.

“For those interested in service projects or helping the community, they are free to join. Just contact one of the advisers or the officers of the club,” Pae said.

The Key Club members share their projects during a WebEx. (By c/o Key Club)