Lucy’s Lab Creamery brings twist to traditional ice cream

Pinion staff visits shop at Kamakee location


By Cindy Reves

Pinion staff visits Lucy’s previous location, new location is located at 1170 Auahi Street, South shore Market.

Lacey Hayashi

Lucy’s Lab Creamery is a small ice cream shop named after the owner’s late mother, Lucy. It’s a five-minute walk from McKinley High School right now, but in December, the shop is moving to South Shore Market, which will add a few minutes to the walk. When I visited, the person working there was friendly and inviting. This small operation sells unique flavors that change every month. During my visit, 11 flavors were available. The worker said they are trying to make six more. The flavor I chose was the POG sorbet. It was definitely my type of flavor. It was sweet, tart and smooth, just the way I like my ice cream, although there are other tastes I would like. If you are a person who likes adventures, surprises, or new experiences, this is the place to go. With their ever-changing flavors like fruit loop vodka, POG sorbet and pumpkin spice, this place will surely give you something you rarely taste.

Eileen Wang

I couldn’t really imagine what kind of ice cream they would serve because the name of the shop includes “Lab.” I was afraid that we were going to try some weird tasting ice cream, but my mind was changed after we arrived there.

Lucy’s Lab Creamery is located across the street from World Gym on Kamakee Street in the Ward area. It is a small and cute ice cream shop, painted in cool colors. In December, the shop is moving to South Shore Market. This ice cream shop is not just an ice cream shop to the owner, Lee Wang, who launched the desserterie as a way to indulge his passion for ice cream and science. Wang opened this shop for his mom, Lucy, who passed away in 2012 from breast cancer.

I ordered the honey lavender flavor in a sugar cone. Once I licked the ice cream, a strong taste of honey ran into my mouth and just stayed there. Then a little bit of lavender smell came out and the ice cream started to melt really fast. Three ounces of this flavor was enough sweetness for me, but might be too much for other people. All in all, the honey lavender is a good choice.

If you are a person who likes to try something you’ve never tasted before, go and try out Lucy’s Lab Creamery!

Alexandria Buchanan

Lucy’s Lab Creamery’s ice cream is homemade and their flavors are very different than your average ice cream shop.

Lucy’s Lab Creamery isn’t called a “lab” for nothing, and once you look at their menu, you’ll realize why. The shop currently has nine flavors; Brownie Batter, Almond Float, Honey Lavender, Nutella, Strawberry Moscato Sorbet, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Thai Tea, POG. Sorbet, Fruit Loops Vodka and Pumpkin Spice. The flavors are switched monthly so you always get the chance to try something new. One of the more popular flavors is Fruit Loop Vodka, but don’t worry, the alcohol is cooked out of the ice cream so minors can enjoy it as well. Other flavors the shop has been known to sell are Bacon Whiskey and Buttered Popcorn. Inside the store is a suggestion box where customers can recommend flavors. The worker said that the owner then creates these flavors in his “lab,” and if it’s a success, he sells it. These recipes are so secret not even his employees know how he makes them.

I tried the Nutella ice cream in a sugar cone. It tasted chocolatey, rich, and creamy and was perfect for a hot day. The flavor was not overpowering with chocolate and it had a good balance.

Pricing is determined by weight. A single scoop in a cone or cup is about $3 without toppings. The shop also sells a Pan De Creme for $5.50, which is an ice cream sandwich of sorts made with Hawaiian sweet bread, ice cream, toppings and a spread of your choice. Toppings available are Oreo pieces, various cereals, sprinkles and much more. Customers have the option of getting their ice cream in a cup, sugar cone or cake/regular cone.

The small shop sells good quality ice cream, but there’s little room for customers. The shop plans to sell 17 flavors at their new location so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re tired of going to the same places after school every day, Lucy’s Lab Creamery is a great option to try something you’ve never had before.

Sonya Park Smith

Lucy’s Lab Creamery is an ice cream shop close to Ward Consolidated Theatres. The business has been running for a little bit over two years.

Lucy’s is relocating to South Shore Market in the Ward Complex in December. I visited the Kamakee location in November. This location has no tables or chairs, but the South Shore Market location will.

Price is determined by the weight of ice cream. It costs $1/ounce. All of the ice cream is homemade. The most popular flavors, according to the worker, are the fruit loop vodka and the brownie batter.

The flavor I purchased was the Strawberry Moscato Sorbet. I ordered a small cup with one scoop. The taste was very juicy, naturally sweet and tasted like it didn’t have much sugar in it.