The Pinion

Lacey Hayashi

Lacey Hayashi, reporter

Lacey Hayashi is a senior who transfered from Roosevelt. She is in her first year of Newswriting and so far she likes it. She said that she feels as if The Pinion gives her the opportunity to express herself. Hayashi is an eager student who sees herself doing great things in the future like writing and becoming a journalist. She likes the idea of getting to write articles and stories about certain life experiences and sports. Her high school experience so far has made her mostly take an interest in art.

She said, “I didn’t really know about the writing classes until this year.”

Already loving the class shows that she has a lot of heart for what she does. Her favorite hobbies and interests are writing and listening to music. She listens to music when she needs to get work done so she can calm down and focus. She has been writing for a long time so she knows what she is doing and she enjoys doing it.

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