COVID-19 is dangerous (editorial)

Shane Kaneshiro

People think that COVID-19 is not dangerous but it is. The number of cases in Hawaii jumped into the triple digits. Despite this, some people are still refusing to wear masks that will keep the people around them safe or practice social distancing. We should listen to the scientists and the guidelines. 

When officials started to reopen the state, the people of Hawaii let their guard down. This has caused cases, and deaths, to rise. 

Even with the number of cases and deaths increasing, some people think COVID-19 doesn’t exist or the virus is not dangerous. They think that the cases are fake and that creating “herd immunity” is how the pandemic will be over in a little while. Some also believe that mask-wearing requirements or limits on their movement are violating their rights as a person in the U.S.

There are ways to keep us safe. People need to listen to the rules. Wearing a mask will keep others safe because if one person is wearing a mask with COVID then that person will keep the virus from spreading. Finally, don’t touch your face.