What are you planning to do during Fall Break?

Shane Kaneshiro

“I plan to work on my dance and tennis skills” – Sophomore Christyna Nguyen
“Go surfing, playing video games and sleep” – Freshman Lapake Iriarte
“Probably sleep and play video games, it is pretty much the normal thing to do in 2021 during the pandemic – Sophomore Nick Pham
“I plan to do some extra homework and maybe since I am in math team, I am going to try to prepare more workshop and play games. It is senior year and I do want to chill but I also got to look out for college related things and thinking about writing my college scholarship essays and such” -Senior William Lin


“I am just planning to talk with my friends, play video games, sleep, relax, and hangout” – Freshman Aaron lam
“What I am planning to do during fall break is probably go play basketball with my friends or just go cruise around the island” – Junior Dennis Keola