McKinley’s Pride and Tradition

Anela Chavez, Editor-in-chief

This is the Oval placed in front of the Administration building.
This is the Oval placed located in front of the Administration building.

“Hey, get off The Oval!”

Ever heard someone say that? McKinley High School is home to a very special prided tradition, The Oval. This tradition has been around for almost as long as our school has. The statue of  President William McKinley was commissioned for 8,000 dollars and it weighs eight tons! It is a valued piece of art and a very special tradition.

Many teachers and students show respect for the tradition and do not go on the oval, but there are some who will and they think it is okay.

I know some people ask, what is so important about a chunk of grass? Well, it is not the grass that is important, it is the tradition of walking over that patch of grass when you graduate from President William McKinley High School. This tradition could be seen as a rite of passage. For seniors, it is something that they get to do when they graduate.

“It motivates me…I’m gonna graduate so I can go on the oval,” freshman Ashley Zulueta said.

Personally, I am looking forward to passing over the Oval. I see it as a prize waiting for me at the end of my high school experience. I know I am not the only one who feels the same.

“It’s like the only thing that McKinley has that other schools don’t have,” sophomore Apryl Lactaoen said.

McKinley has a very special tradition and as a McKinley Tigers, we all should respect it and stay off the Oval! At least until we graduate.