The Pinion

Kirt Choi

Kirt Choi, reporter

Kirt Choi is one of ten students from McKinley that decided to give The Pinion a chance. He has an easier time appreciating the Newswriting class, since he has had previous experience of being a reporter for a newspaper at Kawananakoa Intermediate School, taking pictures, researching, broadcasting and interviewing fellow students or staff around school. After having that exposure, it clearly stuck to him. While he enjoys being in the class he still has his hobbies and interests. Choi enjoys body boarding and bodysurfing at the beach. As for his education, he has a specific goal in mind. He said his main goal is to get a full scholarship to a good college and to help his family with paying for his college fees. He said, “I really wanna go to college. That’s my biggest life goal.”

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