What it means to be an adult

Lacey Hayashi, reporter

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An adult can be defined socially, legally and biologically. Socially means it is based on opinions. Legally, a child is an adult at 18. Biologically, when they reach puberty, they are adults.

At the legal age of 18 people can legally consume and buy alcohol, vote legitimately, get tattoos and get married.

Freshman Celine Morton said, “Becoming an adult is different for everyone simply depending on what pathway that person chooses to go on.”

Once a person reaches maturity, independence begins to kick in.

Junior Kylie Porlas said, “You no longer feel like mommy and daddy can take your problems away.”

Porlas also said that you live without the same limitations.

When you grow up, you can lose quality traits or aspects of yourself. The older traits get replaced by the new. Naivete might be lost.

Senior Susie Normandin said, “You realize life’s pretty tough.”

Adults, like parents or teachers, try to give advice from their experiences.

Early childhood Education teacher Heather Itokazu said, “Age gives you life experience.”

Relationships can also reflect adulthood. Experiencing good or bad friendships can effect you.  Your role models can help you learn how to make and keep good friends.

Porlas said, “ You find out who your friends are.”

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