Try ‘Among Us’ (editorial)

Althea Cunningham, reporter

If you like the party game “Mafia,” you might want to try out “Among Us.” It’s almost the same thing except it’s on a spaceship and you’re an astronaut. I’ve played tons of times with my friends and randoms already and I had a lot of fun. I hope you can too if you try this game out.

A large number of players – 4 Paws

In the game, people have no making-friends option, but people have found loopholes by making private rooms then telling their friends the room code so people can play with each other. Sometimes people go on a call together and talk. You can play with 4 to 10 players in one game. The more people there are, the more fun the game gets. I deducted a paw because while 10 is a big number, at a large scale gathering you might have to separate into groups, and there’s a chance people will get left out. 

Availability – 5 Paws

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone or access to a computer. Anyone with a smartphone can access this app for free. It doesn’t matter if you have an IOS or Android. Those who like to play on computers have to pay $5, which is cheap.

Easy to play – 4 Paws

The controls are simple, and it’s easy to learn on the spot. You can even take a tutorial to learn the different tasks you get when you’re playing as Imposter or Crewmate. Usually, the more you play as Imposter the better you get, so don’t fret if you’re not good at being Imposter at first. I lost many rounds as an Imposter. There’s fun to be found when playing Imposter or Crewmate, so don’t be sad if you don’t get the role you wanted. I am deducting 1 paw because the gamer servers crash a lot, making it hard to join or create rooms. Thankfully the game developers are working on fixing the issue.

Customization – 5 Paws

This is one of my favorite parts of the game. You can name your character anything, without special characters. It doesn’t even matter if you have the same name as someone else. In you do join a game with someone with the same name as you, the game system adds a 1 to the end of your name.

You also have 10 colors to choose from. Only one person can be a certain color, but most people are nice enough to change colors if you ask. There are a wide variety of free hats to choose from like toilet paper, fedoras, cowboy hats, a balloon. My personal favorite is the egg. There are more hats, costumes, and pets you can buy at the cheap price of $3. Another cool feature is the game host’s ability to customize the room settings, like player speed, vision, and they can change the amount of tasks crewmates need to complete in order to win.

Excitement – 4 Paws

Whether you’re an Imposter or Crewmate, the game can make the adrenaline flow. There’s no communication except during meetings so there’s no telling who’s good or bad. Unfortunately, anyone can join a game, even negative and toxic players but thankfully game host can kick or ban players.