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Althea Cunningham

Althea Cunningham, reporter

Hi, my name is Althea Cunningham and I am a junior. People know me as Tia. I joined Newswriting because of my interest in writing and journalism. I entered the class with no experience in Newswriting, but with a desire to learn.

I am very passionate about JROTC. I’m a 1st Lieutenant, with a staff position. I’m in charge of announcements and I manage the Instagram and Facebook page. That has been my job since 9th grade and I enjoy it very much. 

 One of my hobbies is drawing cartoons and short comics. I’ve been drawing since 6th grade and I have lots of fun with it. I prefer traditional over digital, just because I have more experience with pencil and paper. Most of my inspiration comes from watching the 1900’s Loony Toones, Ninja Turtles, and other 2d cartoons.

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