NFTS heard and talked about in McKinley Highschool


Jerome Linear looks at his NFT (Cake Ape) that’s worth over 500 dollars. Photo by Athena Griep

Jerome Linear, Assistant Editor - Digital and Copy

People all over the world are starting to spread the news about NFTs and how they can impact the new generation and that includes McKinley HIgh School students. Junior Dante Williams said he plans on investing his time and money into NFTs and hopes it can benefit him in the future. Williams said he believes investing is a gateway to having a good financial future and has researched more than just NFTs. He also does research on stocks, trading assets, and cryptocurrencies. Williams believes that NFTs have just started to emerge and believes there’s still plenty of time to get into it, especially at a young age. “It’s like the big next thing. Anyone, a sophomore or a freshman, a middle schooler, anyone could get rich off of NFTs. It is like limitless potential,” he said. However not all students are as enthusiastic about NFTS and think that they are non-fungible, environment harming, and even useless. Sophomore Stacy Cabusas believes that who buys NFTs are gullible and thinks that NFTs can be an easy decline in your finances. She thinks that investing plenty of money in a digital image is completely senseless and easily leads to scams. “You’re paying ownership to an image that costs tens of thousands of dollars, that you could easily screenshot or recreate yourself, especially since it’s on the internet so I don’t know what they expect from it,” she said. Many students have mixed feelings about NFTs but some just feel neutral about them and don’t really mind the concept of them. Junior Joshua Montero thinks that NFTs are popular and good for making money especially now. He thinks these investments can make profit if you know what you’re doing. “NFTs is kind of a popular thing nowadays for buying and reselling and it could possibly make a good profit with it or you can create one yourself,” he said. NFTs are just starting to emerge through this generation and lots of pros and cons about them have been heard all around McKinley. Many students avoid NFTs because of the negative aspects that is talked about them, while others continue to invest their time into them. “NFT’s are like a faster painting being sold at an auction. A painting can take a few moments to years depending on the artist which makes it worth something or genuine but an NFT can be made by anyone at any time and that is the problem I have with NFT’s,” sophomore Joseph Mai said.