Freshman Class Elects New Student Council Members


By Jacky Oasay

In order, the freshmen council, President Miye Iida, Vice President Hannah Lei Montero, Secretary Benace De Leon, and Treasurer Brianna Usita.

Jacky Oasay, reporter

The four members of McKinley High School’s freshman council are a group of friends who ran together knowing that they will provide the council with a stronger sense of community and teamwork.
Miye Iida, Hannah Lei Montero, Brianna Usita, and Benace De Leon all graduated from Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School and promise to make this class booming with school spirit and involvement.
“We would like to contribute to our school, and thought it would be fun if we ran together because we know each other well and could keep each other accountable,” said Usita, the freshman class elected treasurer.
This group of freshmen are hard-working individuals promising responsibility among themselves and their peers, Usita said. They promised their council vision of unity and guidance, along with a plan to ensure their vision is fulfilled.
“Since we get the information first, we will try our best to share it with our class and keep them as involved as possible,” said Iida, the freshman class elected president.
Individually, all members have their own aspirations, goals, and feelings towards the council and various other school programs.
Iida is a prime example as she is involved in many other activities. She is involved in the Math Team, Law Society, and KEY Club. Although she has a busy schedule, Iida works to manage her responsibilities.
“It’s extremely stressful because I can’t be at all four places at once. Also for most activities I depend on my team, meaning not only do I have to fulfill my duties, but I also have to rely on my partners to do their share,” Iida said.
She keeps a calendar with her, mapping out the time of her activities, and sets a good example for other students by working with responsibility and time management, proving she is fit for the job.
“That’s my president!” freshman Andre Kam said, who is a big supporter of Iida, cheering her on since election week.
Montero, vice president and freshman class homecoming princess, admitted that parts of this position are stressful. Even in this short time period, there have already been difficulties involving students’ participation and how it affects the council, Montero said.
“For me, it is stressful because we were all thrown into everything all at once,” Montero said.
The other classes’ council members had time to prepare for the start of the upcoming year, but the freshman council was faced with immediate work and trials.
“Especially for Dance and Chant, not everyone is coming and people are dropping out, so it is very stressful,” Montero said.
Despite the stress and responsibilities, class treasurer Brianna Usita sees this job as an exciting challenge.
“I decided to run for student council so I could challenge myself and I knew it was going to be a lot of work,” Usita said.
Usita runs her own jewelry business. She said she uses her experience as a business owner as a way of contributing to her position.
“Being the treasurer is all about financial-related things along with being able to provide assistance and guidance. I have great experience with that since I own a jewelry business,” Usita wrote in an excerpt from her council election profile.
The student council said they care deeply about the school, students, and atmosphere being set.
They promise this year to be full of opportunities, fun events, and a council vision waiting to be cleared out by the fog. As the school year progresses, they hope for more involvement from the students.
“Don’t be afraid to try new things. It might be scary because it’s a new school, but if you ever need help with anything, let us know,” Iida said.