Freshmen conclude productivity of 20/20


By Tiffany Tran

Student playing games on their phone during 20/20

Tiffany Tran, reporter

In 2018 McKinley’s Tiger Time which was a required study hall and DEAR which stands for (drop everything and read) was also a required class period. Both were replaced with 20/20. It consisted of 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of doing homework.”

But since the pandemic and lockdown, 20/20 has gotten some changes. One of its main changes was a new thing called Way Finder also known as SEL (social emotional learning). Along with that students use the time to do their work or bond with their classmates.

Many freshmen who’ve never experienced 20/20 either like or feel neutral toward the current system.

Freshman Jenna Nguyen said, “I enjoy my 20/20 and like it,” adding that she also enjoyed practicing her English by doing reading plus.

She said she felt that 20/20 was productive. “It’s helpful for me to get my work done.” Nguyen concluded by saying “nothing at all” should be changed about 20/20.

Freshman Khloe Nakasone had another opinion. “I don’t really like or dislike my 20/20. She added, “It’s just like study hall.” 

She said, “It’s sort of helpful for getting work done. But I wish we were allowed to listen to music because it helps me focus better.” 

In September, students completed a survey about 20/20. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being strongly agreed, McKinley students averaged 3.9 in thinking 20/20 helps with academic success. The survey allowed for comments, which showed  many students thought 20/20 was useful and some even wished for a longer 20/20. 

But some teachers feel less enthusiastic about 20/20. Math teacher Jennifer Nakamoto said, “I don’t think all students are using 20/20 usefully. ” 

Nakamoto also said, “There are many times when students are playing games on their phone rather than doing their work.” 

Misuse of this time is not new. In a Pinion article written by Trent Pham in 2019 it stated, “A period devoted to students getting their work done or improving their reading is a great thing but should be modified, taking student opinion into consideration.”