Juniors experience Starry Night prom

Pauline Yang, reporter

Spring arrived and so had Junior Prom Starry Night on March 16 at Hale Koa Hotel, Banyan Tree Ballroom.

It was a special event. Girls get to pick their dresses, do their make up and hair while boys had their pick on ties, outfit and hairstyle. Students also were excited for a fun, bonding night where everyone would just socialize, take pictures and dance together.

“I liked getting ready for Prom because it made me feel like a princess,”€ said Tina Ho (11)

From the moment prom-goers entered the ballroom, they saw many different shades of blue, creating the feeling of being under the starry sky. Tables had centerpieces of vases filled with clear and blue marbles with silver-blue star sprays sticking out, a star shaped pillow with Starry Night€ on it, blue fanned napkins and small glass cups with a lit candle.

Emcees Grace Lu (11) and Devin Smith (11) welcomed everyone and gave tips throughout the whole night. Devin was an enthusiastic speaker whom made everyone laughed with his humor.

“I had a really great time and I wouldn’t mind being emcee for Senior Prom,” said Smith.

Junior Prom’s dinner menu was of diversity. The menu consisted of chicken, char-siu fried noodles, crab legs, fruits, pasta and cakes.

“€œI loved the cream puffs because it was good and professionally,” said Yan Yee Ho (11).

As for performances, Lu and the whole Junior Prom committee entertained. Lu sang and played Superman by Joe Brooks on her guitar.

“I was actually really nervous when I performed but I’m happy I did it,”€ said Lu.

The prom committee did a dance routine to Wedding Dress€ by TaeYang, Party Rock Anthem€, Next to You by Justin Bieber and Chris Brown and Without You€ by David Guetta.

“I thought the performance was awesome, everyone was having fun, and I enjoyed performing €œWedding Dress€,” said Andrew Gibson (11)

There were two games: DJ Says and Name That Tune. DJ Says€ is similar to Simon Says€ except the DJ from Audio Zone is Simon€. For Name That Tune€, students had to listen carefully to different songs played for a short time and write down titles on the paper on each table. For the remaining two hours of prom, students had time to dance and have photos taken by Ishikawa Photography.

The music was upbeat and “I enjoyed dancing although I was not really great at it but I tried and had fun,” said Anthony Chen (11)

The Junior Prom Committee did a great job in preparation. The publicity subcommittee spread the word on bid sales and ticket pick-ups with flyers, banners and word. Entertainment planned the games and songs.

Programs set up the schedule and decorations brought pizzazz to the hotel room. Winnie Ly (11), chairperson of Junior Prom 2012, enjoyed working with people in these committees. There was some frustration along the way but the prom committee made it through.

“€œI want to thank everyone so much for helping with prom, especially Ms. Akasaki who was our Prom advisor,” said Ly.