Composition is important when taking pictures

Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

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During Black and Gold week, I had the opportunity to take pictures of students who dressed up for Disney Day. I came upon a few students who dressed up and there were others who dressed up without even knowing the theme.

It was hard to approach some people but it many of them were okay with having their picture taken. Some people had to be pressured by their friend to take the picture while others wanted to get their picture take.

I wanted my pictures to show some type of story. I had some people take a picture with their friend(s) to show how little people dressed up.

I also followed the rule of threes for a lot of my pictures. Some of them worked well, in my opinion, such as the one with the two friends and the balloons. Some of them did not work well like the one where a student stood alone with an almost empty field behind him.