My fur-friends and me during lockdown

My fur-friends and me during lockdown

Joesph Brown, reporter

Let me start with introducing you to my Auntie’s dog Sassy. She is still a puppy. Can you believe that this big animal is still a puppy? 

Sassy was actually going to be sent to the Humane Society because her original owners were moving into a smaller apartment where no animals were allowed. My auntie brought her home until she could find a home for her. That was six months ago. She still hasn’t found a home for her and now Sassy has just become part of our family. We already have a dog, which is my grandma’s baby. We call her Bella. Bella is a rare black Maltese. When we first got her, she was all black. Now her age is catching up with her.

My animals Sassy and Bella help me by taking my mind off of hearing, seeing, and watching COVID-19 updates. Throughout the day, I play with Sassy and feed her. Just spending some time having her lick my face gives me joy. It’s sticky sometimes but she gets excited and jumps up when she knows I’m going to walk by her. 

Bella loves to jump on my bed when my grandma leaves the house and sleeps with me by my feet. She enjoys cuddling and I have fun turning her upside down and rolling my hands on her belly. 

My animals give me peace and help me with stress, especially when we have to stay at home away from my school friends. They remind me that I’m not alone and I don’t have to stress and things will get better.

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