March 2023


Pinion staff

Jade Bluestone

How the return of lava has brought hope to Hawaiʻi’s recovery  

In 2021, Kilauea spewed lava that flowed through the neighborhoods in Hawaii. While it was destructive, it brought hope to Hawaii’s recovering tourism during the time of COVID.
Something I liked about this article was the way they described what people felt in a way that wasn’t strictly objective or subjective. “Many were compelled to come out and see” – despite the lava destroying many homes. 

Tiffany Tran

Nurses point to systemic problems in case of sick homeless man who spent days on hospital sidewalk

Last week Tuesday, 59-year-old Timothy Walker was found outside of Queen’s hospital. He was a homeless person who was said to be disregarded to by Hawaii’s largest hospital. It talks about how some homeless just go to the hospital for food or shelter and then leave and it’s a statewide issue.
This article brings to life a problem that not many people may care about. When you think of homeless people and how they are treated, it is known that there are people who don’t even care about them and disregard them. So having an article like this is very interesting and I feel it could help me with future articles. Like I can help bring to life problems that many people either don’t care about or don’t know about.

Sean Willem A. Giron

Silence and delay vs. communication and drive – a look at the differences between police responses in Uvalde and Nashville

The article talks about the differences between the police response in the Uvalde shooting and the Nashville shooting. 
This article talks about a heavy topic in an objective and analytical way. The author used this article as a way to see the key differences in how these situations were handled so that future police responses can know what exactly to do and what not to do when faced with that type of tragic situation.

Dominic Niyo

Kari Lake Fires Back at Chris Christie Amid 2024 Speculation: ‘Laughable’

Former Republican candidate for the Arizona gubernatorial in the 2022 election exchanges with former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie on Twitter.
I thought it was kind of interesting how the writer, Aila Slisco, uses a one-word quote in the headline that further implies what the exchanges were about. 

Chloe Cunningham

Stop policing how women talk

This article talks about how women need to take the word, ‘sorry’, out of their vocabulary and how it’s not really solving the problem. 
While I was reading, I noticed that I also frequently use the word sorry in my everyday vocabulary. I started thinking that I should also stop saying sorry for things that don’t need apologies. As I read on, the writer talked about how telling women to stop saying sorry is not solving the problem. I really liked the way the writer conveyed their opinion and message across to the reader. I’ve noticed that in some articles the switch from the background information to the writer’s claim is often lost somewhere. In this article it’s very easy to recognize the writer’s claim. I can use this article as reference for when I write and argumentative editorial.

Jacky Oasay

The Nashville school shooter fell into an emotional spiral after the recent death of a close friend, ex-classmate says

This article covers the suspect of the recent Nashville shooting, Audrey Hale. Reporters of this article interviewed those that knew Hale before this incident, stating that what led them to the murder was due to the loss of a friend. Those that knew Hale described him as “loving” and “kind.”
Although no murder should be justified, this article covers the shooter’s past and thoughts of close friends and teachers that knew him. I can learn from this article how to dive deep into a subject and make one heavy topic expand. There are many articles about the deadly murder and suspect, but this one is unique as it expands into motives, who the suspect is, and how others used to view them. Every piece of media you consume should leave you feeling something— this article left me thinking about the changes in a person’s mind and behavior, causing them to do heinous, unforgivable crimes.