April 2023


Jade Bluestone

‘Scary’: Surfer seriously injured after suffering tiger shark bite off Kewalo Basin 
A local man in Hawaii recently suffered injuries to his leg just before 7 am from a shark attack while surfing. As a result, shark warnings have been posted and officials from Ocean Safety say they will continue to patrol the waters. 
Something I found illuminating in this piece was how conscientious and informative it was given the small time frame to write it. This journalist included a few interviews from the scene and all the required information to make this newsworthy.

Tiffany Tran

Pregnant woman shot by Walgreens employee who alleged she was shoplifting
A pregnant woman in Nashville Tennessee was shot in Walgreens. The shooting took place at around 8 p.m. It started with 2 women who were seen stealing items from the store and left. One of the workers followed them outside and one of the woman sprayed him with a can of mace. So he pulled out a pistol and started shooting out of self-defense.  
What I found interesting was how the headline catches your eye to read it. Also while the title gives one point of view, the article shows another perspective of the story. It helps pull the readers in. 

Dominic Niyo

Louisville gunman kills at least 4 and injured 9 in a bank shooting, police say
A Louisville gunman opened fire on a bank, killing at least four people. Authorities have also confirmed that he was an employee at that bank, and that he recorded the massacre live on the internet.
Something that I really liked about the article is that the authors wrote the What, When, Where in the headline.  Writing a headline that grabs the reader’s attention is a skill I’d like to improve in the future. 

Jacky Oasay

15 Seconds Too Long
This article focuses on a side-effect of social media—shortening attention span. The reporter interviewed multiple people on how social media affected their attention spans—how their attention spans decreased during the pandemic, the struggle of being addicted to social media, and how the shortening of attention spans is changing media platforms. 
I relate to this article a lot, and the quotes provided made me feel like I’m not alone. Throughout this article, it kept me engaged and felt interactive as I was reading it. Then, at the end, there’s an interactive quiz you can take to see what level of social media addict you are. Sadly, I got “Social Media Stalker.” I believe what makes a good article on topics like these is being interactive with the reader. It still leaves you feeling like you want to do better and change. What I liked most about this article was that the author interviewed the right people. With the number of people using social media, I would think it’s hard to find someone who has taken long breaks off of it. But, the author knew the right people and wrote an engaging article with the provided information.

Jerome Linear 

Drake Bell: Drake & Josh star found safe, police say 
Drake Bell is a celebrity/actor who starred in the hit show Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon and has been found after being considered “missing and endangered” by US police.
Something I really like about this article is how they added background information for the actor for instance “In the Nickelodeon series, he and his co-star Josh Peck played two teenagers with opposite personalities who became step brothers, They also starred in two Drake & Josh films”.

Sean Willem Giron

New York City appoints its first-ever ‘rat czar’
Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday that Kathleen Corradi has been hired as the city’s director of rodent mitigation. 
I like this article because their sources talk about things that I wanted to know, I wanted to know what Corradi’s plans are to fight against rats and mitigate their population. They also talked about the specifics of the job, like the salary. They have covered  a lot of details that are interesting to me, like the “harlem rat exclusion zone”

Shane Kaneshiro

Texarkana issues public health emergency
This article was about how K2 or synthetic marijuana was causing a spike in overdoses in Texas. 
Something that i liked about this article was that the kicker quote had a nice ending to the article. I had told the reader that you should do something. I can incorporate this into some of my articles that have a big impact such as my Hall of Honor article.