May 2023


Jade Bluestone

Motorcyclist, 23, dies from injury following single-vehicle crash in schofield. 
On Wilikina Drive, a road incident occurred where the motorcyclist was speeding with a driver exiting their residential area. Motorcyclist remained in critical condition, luckily they were wearing a helmet at the time. This is the 25th traffic fatality on Oahu, this year so far.
I appreciated the timeliness of this article, as I read it on the same day the incident occurred. I think by writing this way, people are able to be more aware, especially in the area of the accident.

Tiffany Tran

Border Patrol encounters 10,000 migrants for third day in a row as numbers swell before Title 42 drops
Due to Title 42 being dropped soon, migrants are getting ready to pass the border. Border Patrol agents have seen 10,000 migrants for the past few days. CBP has 26,000 migrants in federal custody right now. It’s said that if CBP and NGO can’t hold them, the largest wave of mass in history has begun and will continue in the coming days. 
One take away from this article was the facts and information used. While the information could be controversial and maybe worry some people, they also state their plans for the future.

Cheska Orias

The Hawaii Legislature Is Broken 
This article was talking about how broken the Hawaii Legislature is. Talking about how they are handling there budget.
One thing I can take away from this article is how to talk about what could be a controversial topic, pulling from various sources to back up it’s claim and using very strong language.

Dominic Niyo

DeSantis escalates battle with Disney in new legislative push
Governor Ron Desantis of Florida pursues his ‘anti-woke’ policies by threatening Disney, a multi-billion dollar company that employs around 75,000 people in the state, saying the Republican-dominated state legislature will ‘nullify the company’s effort to circumvent state oversight of Walt Disney World”. 
One thing that I thought I could learn from when I read this article, was that its lead contained all the ‘important information’. I wouldn’t have to read anything else to know what the topic is all about. Writing compelling leads is a skill that I would like to improve in the future.

Shane Kaneshiro

Arms Across Oceans
This article was about how gun violence in other countries compared to the United States gun violence. 
From this article one thing that I noticed is that they use different perspectives from the interviewees from different counties. This article uses diversity to the max.

Jacky Oasay

If the Pandemic Is No Longer a Public Health Emergency, Then What Is It?
This article is about the future of COVID-19, as it has recently been announced that it is no longer a “public health emergency of international concern.” Although its status has changed, the article’s opinion focuses on its continual relevance in our lives.
I enjoyed this article very much. When it comes to pandemic-related articles, most of them are written by doctors, scientists, and important officials. However, this was written by a citizen. Regardless, this article was very well-researched and spoken with conviction. Along with the research, this article was a fun read due to its word choice and imagery—especially when the journalist started naming animals that may also be carrying the virus as well. I also enjoy the illustration—although simple, it conveyed how the entire world felt during the pandemic. The last sentence was also strong, allowing the reader to think about the world around us.

Sean Willem Giron

Italian pasta prices are soaring. Rome is in crisis talks with producers 
Raw ingredients for pasta has been experiencing price hikes, which is a crisis for Rome as many Italians consume a lot of pasta a day.
I like this article because it shows how big of an issue this seemingly small problem is. It shows the statistics of how much pasta italians are consuming, which they compared to the standard allowed weight for checked baggage at airports. This shows that even if your topic seems small, you can show its importance by giving it the proper evidence and resources. 

Jerome Linear 

‘It feels like someone’s stabbed me with a hot poker!’ Daredevil lets a bullet ant with the most painful sting in the world attack him (and instantly regrets it)
‘It feels like someone’s stabbed me with a hot poker!’ Daredevil lets a bullet ant with the most painful sting in the world attack him (and instantly regrets it)
I like this article because it is an unusual article. I think unusual articles need some spotlight because they aren’t something you see on the regular. This makes them special and this article is proof of that.